A campaign to help raise awareness of the benefit of greater diversity to the police, and how ‘Positive Action’ is a fair way to achieve that outcome.


In 2020, the Home Office identified the recruitment of 20,000 new officers by 2023 as a generational opportunity to increase diversity and inclusion in the police.

Part of this was by making use of ‘Positive Action’, a method aimed at supporting individuals facing barriers to joining or thriving in the police service.

At blue goose, we were tasked with helping to raise awareness and understanding of why the police benefits from being more diverse, and how PA is an equitable way of achieving that.

We took an employee-centric approach, focussing on the misconceptions, resistance and prejudice existing force members might have towards positive action.

Our strategy involved highlighting the benefits of diversity to forces and officers – helping make them more representative, relatable, effective and impactful to the communities they serve – and the way in which PA fairly enables this change to take place.

Our multi-channel, self-service approach empowered each force to execute these change campaigns in their own time, making appropriate use of a series of films, ambient material, line manager-led discussions and awareness exercises underpinned by the positive platform: All. Together. Better.

The material and campaign is being adopted across the 43 forces, with full impact likely in 2022. Our commissioning editor at the Police Uplift Programme is keen to submit the material in the 2022 ‘awards season’.


More than 15 forces have adopted the campaign materials to date, and thousands have completed the introductory quiz. The films have been widely used for internal purposes. The success of the campaign has led to the police uplift programme commissioning a stage two of this behaviour change campaign, furthering the diversification and organisational culture change with the police force.

The campaign cuts across normal police comms with a clear narrative and creatives, the addition of the film and quiz has really made an impact.