Getting it Out there

Our insights and inspiration

From time to time, we feel the need to put pen to paper. Below is an assortment of thoughts, webinars and events across a range of topics. Hopefully you’ll find them provocative but also useful, to help better inform your future internal communication campaigns.


The world has changed in an instant, and we’ve all had to learn how to cope – quickly. Here are a series of posts and webinars on how we can return to a better, new normal.


Behavioural insights matched with the right words, images, sights and sounds can inspire change in your people.

The Future of the Workplace

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The Lean Employee Experience

“The big question of our time is not ‘Can it be built?’ but ‘Should it be built?'” – Eric Ries

Leading from the front means playing a good game, not just talking one.

Culture, as they say, eats strategy for breakfast. No matter your best intentions, the culture of a place will always overcome the best intentions of those at the head of the household (and business).

Internal identity: Consistency vs. coherence?

Internally, the only thing a brand competes with is itself, being used on a daily basis for far more than just marketing.

Communicating on Purpose

Employees connected to the overall purpose and strategy of the organisation, feeling valued in relation to that purpose, with a general sense of trust and belief in the business leaders.