Securing change through the power of storytelling

Increasing security awareness through a bespoke crime novel series, translated into 12 languages and delivered to 29,000 employees worldwide.


Richemont is a luxury brands group with their head office in Switzerland and offices and boutiques around the world.

They own several of the most prestigious names in the luxury industry including Cartier, Chloe, Dunhill and Montblanc. These ‘Maisons’ are recognised for their distinctive heritage, craftsmanship and creativity.

Approximately one third of their 29,000 employees are office- based, one-third are in manufacturing or logistics functions and the final third work in the boutiques.


The single security/safety awareness and training position, Be Aware Be Secure, was developed with close engagement and feedback from across the business.

Under this new umbrella, we needed a single, long-running powerful security and safety communication campaign to engage the entire global workforce and ensure the right behaviours are carried out every day.

We decided storytelling would bring this somewhat dry topic to life, so embarked on creating a fictional short story. We commissioned British crime author, Paddy Magrane, to create tension, intrigue, and because we knew this genre would lend itself to the subject matter.

The story, Against the Clock (a nod to Richemont’s flair for exquisite watchmaking), was set around a luxury goods industry event.

The campaign lasted six weeks in total. To ensure the story was accessible, we provided written and audiobook versions via their global intranet site in all 12 languages. From launch emails, to short animated TV ‘stings’, posters and flyers with QR codes, to ‘Meet the Author’ options and downloadable ‘Rules’ for further topic exploration to branded webcam covers, we utilised the power of both digital and printed channels to ensure maximum impact.

All our campaign materials were designed in a consistent, bold visual style using simple graphic illustrations with a slimmed- down palette that would be easily recognisable.


• 10,000 employees watched the tease trailer, read the story and listened to the audiobooks
• 20,000 page views across all of the episodes
• 75.6% of people enjoyed the story

The approach was remarkable for its recognisable visuals and character development. The intrigue of mixing professional and personal challenges in this luxurious, animated-drawn world captivated as much as it fascinated us. Nina Devincent, eLearning Specialist, Richemont