Future of the Workplace

Earlier this year, we were joined by Mark Earls to gain some foresight on the workplace at our latest blue goose briefing.

So what did we learn from gazing into the future?

Data privacy

The future of data security faces new threats at an ever-increasing rate. With technology constantly in a state of flux, it’s more important than ever to protect against information security breaches, protect businesses and ensure to keep on the right side of compliance.

The rotating workforce

After becoming the largest generational group in the workforce in 2016, we’ve learned that millennials and their outlook on work are different. They’ve become known as the job-hopping generation and have created a ‘revolving door’ in many businesses. It has everyone wondering what the next generation will bring with them into the working world…

The X Corporation

The common assumptions that organisations have been built on are being questioned. For almost 100 years our ways of working have remained relatively unchanged. How long can this realistically last in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world?

Remote workforce

The workplace is going through a transformation. Remote working, co-working spaces and hot desking are all pointing to a level of flexibility never seen before in conventional workplaces. Not only will this change the culture of working but it will also alter the physical space in offices too.

Culture clashes

As companies expand across borders and into the global space, multinational and cross-culture teams are becoming more common. Among the benefits of diverse teams, organisations also face potential threats as culture has materialised as one of the main barriers for effective integrations.

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