A Positive Culture
Beyond Coronavirus

A series of posts and webinars covering a range of IC related topics, on how effective employee engagement today will protect organisational culture tomorrow.

Making hybrid working work

Moving from home-working to hybrid working will come with cultural and practical challenges, many of which communication can help to overcome. There are four we’ve identified as particularly critical and should be thought about by leaders right now.

Engaging employees and instilling a sense of purpose has never been more important

A strong and connecting sense of purpose has always been essential for maximising business potential. But the pandemic has thrown into sharp relief just how crucial it is in uniting teams and empowering them to navigate uncharted territories and achieve the best results.

Webinar: How a new shared purpose can drive and reshape the future for organisations

Watch our latest panel-led webinar, where we explore how the role of internal communications can help navigate, inspire and connect workforces through purpose, towards more positive cultures beyond Coronavirus.

The Wellbeing Organisation

Lockdown has shone a bright light on employee health and could signal a reframing of all EVPs and employer brand.

Bringing Your People Back – how to re-onboard after the lockdown

Going into lockdown was hard for many businesses; opening up is going to be even harder. Millions of people will return to their workplaces over the coming weeks, and they will find them changed places.

Bullying and microaggressions in the virtual world

Today, we all have to adapt more rapidly, and there is much organisations can do to help. By providing the right culture, guidelines and support they can ensure a safe and productive environment for all of their employees, both now and in the future.

The Empathy Revolution

Unexpected consequences of a lockdown: listening, trust and connection. Is the crisis ‘the best thing to have happened to employee engagement?'

Creating a positive culture around Coronavirus — Cyber security

The biggest influencer on culture in organisations is the behaviour of those of the top. And that’s true in nearly every walk of life.