Helping a new government department communicate its ambition following the merger of two pre-existing departments.


Following the merger of the Department of Energy and Climate Change with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, blue goose was approached to work out how best to establish a positive culture and atmosphere around the newly formed Department – BEIS. Specifically, how to engage and communicate the Department’s ambition in the absence of the defined and signed-off Vision statement.


We focused on engaging employees on the best of their previous Departments, and asking what they would like to bring with them to the newly formed entity. These sessions were conducted through a series of virtual voting mechanisms and focus groups involving key influencers.

We also set about communicating what the department wanted to achieve, using their four key strategic pillars. We got this across through a series of unique, digital visuals illustrating the pillars using smooth motion animation, making sure the ‘innovation’ promised by the department was reflected in their comms.


We successfully articulated a business ‘personality’ and tone of voice in a new set of guidelines, and the visual campaign was adopted not only internally, but as part of their award-winning public-facing comms campaign in their central Victoria head office. The programme served as an invaluable mid-step and building block to establishing this new identity.