We have worked with BNP Paribas for over a decade and in that time found new ways to communicate and engage with a changing workforce – one who is based in all corners of the country, and one who is increasingly online.

Enabling BNP Paribas’s employees to make informed decisions around their benefits, which better their family’s lives, has been at the core of all our strategic change campaigns.


Employee benefits that align with organisational values are a huge advantage when working at one of the world’s biggest banks, but with the workforce located in over 40 offices throughout the UK alone, communicating these important options and truly supporting employees in making the right decision for them was increasingly difficult.

Ranging from private wealth managers to call centre operators and insurance brokers to tractor leasing – each division within BNP Paribas’s workforce faces completely different pay profiles, benefit packages and cultures as well as separate HR, finance departments and management teams. This called for a unique campaign.

Located across in 21 towns and cities in the UK, BNP Paribas needed to reach, educate and excite each individual.

BNP Paribas had historically run a very popular benefits fair in London, but with half the workforce located outside of the capital, it simply didn’t have the desired reach and aim of educating and ensuring each employee felt of equal importance.


We created the UK’s first ‘live’ virtual benefits fair – designed to replicate and replace the traditional, once-a-year, resource-hungry, face-to-face benefits fair.

We delivered an experience where employees could ‘wander’ a digital benefits hall from their desktop, laptop or mobile device, exploring 25 different benefits through providers’ latest tools, brochures, and video content. Much like at a face-to-face fair, they were able to instigate one-to-one chats (online) with representatives from the providers themselves.

We launched a multi-channel awareness campaign harnessing email, divisional intranets, video content and physical and digital signage – incentivising visitors with competitions and prizes, and personal services immediately accessible at the fair (including pension one-to-ones and concierge requests).


The virtual fair allowed access for 100% of UK employees. The day of the fair saw over 9,000 unique stand visits, 7,000 chat messages exchanged, 4,000 document views and 2,000 videos views.

Access and submission rates for our flex enrolment increased to the highest levels of 89% and 76% respectively.

87% of all employees agreed it helped them better understand their benefits and 93% said they would participate again.

This was very innovative. 91% said they’d take part next year, so it was proper engagement. This was very clever, and really supports an agile working model. It was technology at its best, and the future being shown. Employee Benefits Awards 2019 Judge