We’ve been partnering with Sainsbury’s to deliver intelligent, intuitive internal communications for years, with our team onsite, immersed and integrated.


Sainsbury’s has grown to one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, with 187,000 employees across 1,400 locations. With growth comes a change to their vision, values, brand and even their EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Over many years, we have supported Sainsbury’s across all their business streams from banking, to food retail to the integration of Argos.

From simplifying Sainsbury’s internal brand guidelines, to ensure they were compelling and coherent, to emboldening employees to become advocators of their products, we have successfully aligned employees with strategic visions.

Each campaign we undertake for Sainsbury’s has roots in connecting employees to strategy, be it change campaigns (re-energising employee groups) or organisation culture change campaigns (refreshing internal identities)


Internal communication within a large organisation like Sainsbury’s has a wide and dynamic range of messaging to cope with – often more so than external communication.

We continue to work closely with the team, ensuring that their purpose with our creative input results in campaigns that drive change.

We’ve developed and activated several change campaigns and platforms to bring their workforce together, aligning all activities to the wider business strategies and objectives.

Engagement campaigns have included: developing their recognition and values under a single mantra: “Living Our Values Everyday”. This campaign umbrella with the acronym “LOVE” built on the idea of Sainsbury’s as a retailer that people love to shop at, and employees love to work at. And, developing a customer-first proposition, ensuring and enabling Sainsbury’s employees “wow” their customers.

From guides and easy to implement tools and techniques, from postcards and recognition notes to physical installations, we have worked successfully with Sainsbury’s to bring their people on a positive journey.

I wish I could do it every single day! I learned a lot from the whole experience helped inspire that in other people. It worked really well. — Sainsbury’s Employee