A new purpose statement, brand and identity for internal use at Transport for London.


TfL came to us with the need to help develop an internal purpose statement suitable for all 28,000 employees across all their multiple functions.

They wanted the process to be an end in itself, engaging employees to co-author a statement that spoke both of their need to deliver a great service on a daily basis, but also to think long-term for a transport network suitable for the future, to secure their license well into the new 21st century.


A new identity had been mooted, and it became apparent that any new purpose statement should be delivered in the context of this new look and feel.

So blue goose set about delivering both concurrently, running focus groups and workshops with employees to establish what TfL meant for them, but also to establish the ‘personality’ and ‘ambition’ of the organisation, to guarantee that any new identity fit the bill.

The new purpose statement was eventually delivered, showcased in a new visual identity, illustrating the full breadth of the employee landscape, and illustrating their multiple ambitions to deliver on a daily, yearly and generational basis.


The visual identity, principles and tone of voice of the new identity have been adopted across the organisation, with iterative developments to maintain its relevance and use. The purpose statement has also been put into practice, serving as a memorable rallying-cry for large parts of the organisation.